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ICST 2022
Mon 4 - Fri 8 April 2022

In this paper, we propose and develop a real-time profiler to validate the strong coverage criteria such as Modified Condition/Decision Coverage (MC/DC) and Multiple Condition Coverage with Short Circuit (SC-MCC). We named our new tool as gMCov, which is a gCov based profiler. Currently, the existing gCov profiler gives line coverage and branch coverage. As we know, line and branch coverages are weak coverage criteria. Since there exists no profiler to produce the information of feasible sequence properties of either MC/DC or SC-MCC, it is important to have a tool that validates these coverage criteria based on their final scores. Hence, we proposed a new profiler i.e. gMCov which is a generalized tool that can be plugged with any test case generator. It requires a set of test cases and a program to produce the score (%) with a detailed report. The overhead of the gMCov execution time is considerable i.e., 0.68 (s) for MC/DC and 1.26 (s) for SC-MCC, thus proving its efficiency.