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ICST 2022
Mon 4 - Fri 8 April 2022
Fri 8 Apr 2022 15:50 - 16:10 at Marlyn Meltzer - NEXTA IV Chair(s): Kristian Sandahl

Software fuzzing mutates bytes in the test seeds to explore different behaviors of the program under test. Initial seeds can have great impact on the performance of a fuzzing campaign. Mutating a lot of uninteresting bytes in a large seed wastes the fuzzing resources. In this paper, we present the preliminary results of our approach that aims to improve the performance of fuzzers through identifying and removing uninteresting bytes in the seeds. In particular, we present a technique that reduces the size of the seeds based on their coverage. Our preliminary results suggest fuzzing campaigns that start with reduced seeds, find new paths faster, and can produce higher coverage overall.

Fri 8 Apr

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15:50 - 16:30
NEXTA IVNEXTA at Marlyn Meltzer
Chair(s): Kristian Sandahl Linköping University
Removing Uninteresting Bytes in Software Fuzzing
Aftab Hussain University of Houston, Amin Alipour University of Houston
New Ranking Formulas to Improve Spectrum Based Fault Localization Via Systematic Search
Qusay Idrees Sarhan Department of Software Engineering, University of Szeged, Tamás Gergely Department of Software Engineering, University of Szeged, Árpád Beszédes Department of Software Engineering, University of Szeged